Mutual Funds / Shares

Mutual Fund has been playing a massive role in the economic development of the country since many years. It is considered as the money conjoint in by a large number of people or the investors is what makes up a Mutual Fund. This particular fund is managed by a professional fund manager. It is a trust that collects money from a vast number of investor who shared their objective in common. Each investor can choose funds according to their requirements and needs.

NECSI is one of the certified companies in Northeast, India that serves Mutual Fund services. The company is present since 2019. It offers scheme of various categories of funds to cater the diverse requirements of the individuals. We offer the best stock mutual funds, mutual funds and shares and mutual fund share market in Shillong. As a team we have been maintaining a strong customer base by delivering satisfying products solution. Our services have been showing a promising growth towards the customers’.