National Pension Scheme

Pension plans provide financial security and stability during old age when people don’t have a regular source of income. Shillong city, hereby, has set up with a valuable opportunity to ensure that people live with pride and without compromising on their standard of living during advancing years. We provide schemes giving it as a chance to invest and accumulate savings and get lump sum amount as regular income through annuity plan on retirement. There are a lot of scopes available in Shillong for old age people; we offer the national pension fund, national pension yojanain, national old age pension scheme, national pension scheme form, national pension scheme registration. We aim to institute pension reforms and to inculcate the habit of saving for the retirement amongst the citizens. National Pension Scheme (NPS) is a type of investment scheme where individuals can invest in an NPS at regular intervals during their working life. Post retirement, a certain percentage of the financial corpus can be drawn by the individuals. Moreover, the individuals get remaining amount on a monthly basis as pension salary. Hence, Shillong benefited with the best services and opportunities to an old age citizen.